A Message from Richmond

Hello everyone,


I want to thank each and every one of you for your support whether it was monetary, contributing your time or the talents you provided to keep the wheels moving during this amazing campaign.


This was my first serious attempt to run for public office. My team and I learned a lot, and will use what we learned in future civic engagements. I also want to thank you and all the candidates for participating in this democratic process, and believing that when we come together as a community we are able to shape the future of our district and city.


I will keep my sleeves rolled up. I will continue working to improve the access to innovative educational opportunities in our district, to create partnerships to address the rapid-growth of our area with smart development initiatives, and to address the safety in our streets with community and law enforcement collaboration. I will continue working to tackle the importance of clean streets, and a healthy environment with dedicated and improved spaces for recreation for our families. Finally, I will keep working to foster an environment that include us all and generate real opportunities and economic benefits for everyone.


I’m here to listen and discuss our community issues and how we, together, can address them. Please feel free to contact me through my website www.RichmondBaker.com, my personal email address Richmond.Baker@outlook.com or by attending any of the two Mallard Creek Initiative meetings we hold monthly.


As I said on the campaign trail, my day job pays my bills but civic engagement and working for you, my community, feeds my soul. Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Richmond Baker


(980) 477-1669

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