Top Issues

If I am elected to City Council for District 4, I will work hard for you. These are a few of the major "hot button" issues facing our district that you have brought to me and my team's attention: 


  1. Appoint an advocate to improve local teachers' pay in Charlotte to a starting salary of approximately $60,000 per year. #EducatedCharlotte

    1. Candidates are often asked 'what keeps you up at night'? I believe a quality K-12 education for all is the essential foundation for our district's success. The top factors in providing a quality education for our children are attracting and retaining quality teachers, and administrators. The only way that we will get quality teachers for our children is by paying a wage that is both competitive and fair.

    2. If we fix our education system, it automatically fixes many of our other problems. Again, education is the foundation of our district's success. 

  2. Work with the county commission and the school board for affordable housing #FairCharlotte

    1.  Affordable housing is a complex problem because we are essentially referring to new construction affordable housing,  the increase of community gentrification and what it does to existing affordable housing. Although these challenges are not unique to  Charlotte or Mecklenburg County, they need to be addressed quickly. We need to ensure that affordable housing is available throughout the region and being introduced into communities that can absorb new residents in a responsible and sustainable manner.

  3. Work with the County and the Board of Education to ensure that the average Mecklenburg County public school's "Great School" score is 7 or higher. Higher scores translate into better teachers, higher property values, better-educated children, and better workers for companies. I am proud that I led a team that took Mallard Creek High School's "Great School" score from a 6 to an 8.  #EducatedCharlotte

  4. Leverage the expertise of our community teams to ensure that we are helping Fire/Police/Medics understand the signs of a mental health breakdown or drug addiction challenge. Teaching and understanding the complexities of mental health challenges and drug abuse will help our civic professionals and first responders provide more compassion and other alternatives besides jail when interacting with our community's citizens.   #SafeCharlotte

  5. Measure and publicize (with personal discretion) the levels of pay within our organizations to ensure transparency with equal pay for women and minorities that work for our communities. #FairCharlotte

  6. Reduce the incidents of elder abuse in our city by forming a committee to develop and continually review our elder care policies to ensure proper care for our elderly.

  7. Ensure that our city's IT staff are receiving proper training and the necessary tools to ensure the safety and security of our individual and collective data. #TechCharlotte

  8. Support sensible gun control laws and regulation.  The typical American has no need for high capacity weapons designed for waging war. We do have the right to own firearms for recreational use (i.e. hunting)  and personal protection. #SafeCharlotte

  9. Understand the reasons why Charlotte did not make the first cut for the Amazon HQ 2. This is important as we prepare for future opportunities with other businesses or industries for possible expansion into Charlotte. We need to demand more transparent selection processes because no one of us is as smart as all of us. #TechCharlotte

  10. Ensure that we have a plan to keep our streets and parks clean for current and future generations. #CleanCharlotte

  11. Work with area colleges and universities to establish a quality medical school in our region within the next 5 years. #EducatedCharlotte