Richmond is not a career politician. He simply has a long history of rolling up his sleeves to improve the conditions and increase the influence of every committee or community he has served on.


Richmond is simply a concerned, long-time resident of Charlotte who looks forward to representing the community in which he and his wife, Sharon, have lived, worked, and raised their four children for more than 20 years.


A community advocate, natural born problem-solver, and a successful computer scientist, Richmond's passion for District 4 focuses on four key areas:



Physical and mental security for our residents



Access to well-balanced and innovative education



Healthy environment for a fit and healthy community



Reliable technology to protect our community and personal data



We need a new approach to safety in Charlotte  that focuses on and addresses the root causes of the things that keep us all up at night.  Mental health crises along with alcohol, methamphetamemes, opioid, and other drug addictions, are not just national problems - they affect all of us locally and are key drivers of the homelessness and  crime in our district, county, and state.


Personally, I am driven to address the connection between mental health, safety, and social services.  I am committed to helping others understand the link between drug addiction, homelessness , mental health and our community's safety. The passion is personal because, like many of you, some of these issues have touched my family too.  

When equal responsibility and accountability, as well as effective communication, happens between our law enforcement and the communities they serve - safer neighborhoods will happen.

I will come to the proverbial table with a fresh set of eyes to our district's most challenging safety issues and will work hard to create innovative solutions.



A quality education for its residents is the foundation of a successful community. Economic stability, health and wellness, and the overall quality of life dramatically improve when we spend monetary and cultural resources to invest in the education of our children.


Solid and sustainable partnerships between our k-12 schools, our community colleges, and our universities are the best pathway to success for our community's students.


I believe in the strength and effectiveness of our public education system.  I personally donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year to our local CMS school system.  As an involved parent of four children's education and PTA/PTSA president at Mallard Creek High School for more than 5 years, I understand the issues our schools are facing. I will use my experience to develop partnerships with the people and organizations that will help solidify the educational foundation of success for our children. I also understand the importance of a quality education and the impact education has on our local economy and the overall health and wellness of our community.


Communities thrive when clean air and water, proper waste disposal and green areas are readily available and easily accessible to its residents. Mecklenburg County has a robust Park and Recreation system with award-winning facilities, but there is room for improvement. Increasing the number of greenways that connect our neighborhoods and business will add value and safety to our growing communities. Addressing needs like our expired Park and Recreation Master Plan should be updated and executed. 


I will focus on the promises that have been made to provide the clean air, clean water, and Park and Recreation system our district deserves.  I will work hard to provide a transparent performance reporting system of County services and hold those responsible for the execution of those services accountable for both their actions and inaction. 


I have volunteered on the Park and Recreation North Advisory Council and understand what is needed in District 4.  I have been an advocate for greenway connections in the University City area and will work with partners like Greenways for Mecklenburg to bring healthy facilities closer to us.


Our world is changing at lighting speed. There are now more ways to communicate than ever before and thanks to the internet, our world is getting smaller and more accessible each day. Effective communication is the key to understanding each other and disseminating information efficiently and accurately.  


Local governments have access to your personal information as it is required to provide various functions and services, but this information has to be secured properly.  We need to ensure our city staff has the tools and technology to protect sensitive information and are able to effectively defend our personal information against cyber-attacks.  The city has an obligation to its residents to engage experts to review our processes, train our staff and recommend technology that can help keep our data safe and secure.


As an IT professional with more than 30-years experience, I am familiar with the latest technology and best ways to secure our data systems against the threats of both purposeful attacks, as well as, inadvertent data breaches.